2011-2012 Year End Award


Current standings will not be posted again until the year is finalized and announced at the awards event in June 2012.





2010-2011 Year End Award Final Results

1st - Kasey Stevens, Decco MegaPep saddle  
2nd - Diane Williamson, Whiskey tack set  
3rd - Samantha Witkowski, Diamond Riot stirrups  
4th - Heather Wollenslegel, Montana Painted pic  
5th - Jessica Witkowski, Rudi jacket  
1st - Jaden Mason, Breezy saddle  
2nd - Judy Sharp, Seven of Hearts tack set  
3rd - Lisa Bradley, Her Terms stirrups  
4th - Susan Mann, Vinnie Painted pic  
5th - Jeanne Dudak, Tekee jacket  
6th - Brianna Hlavay, Madison buckle  
7th - Catherine King, To Badger's Champion buckle  
8th - Laurie DeCasper, Miss Kit-Kat Bar buckle  
1st - Alexis McGrede, Neveah saddle  
2nd - Kiana Harmon, Lucky Charm tack set  
3rd - Jenna Speth, Cowboy stirrups  
4th - Susan Mann, Reba Painted pic  
5th - Stacey Silva, Decco MegaMotion jacket  
6th - Kristy Missamore, Hot Shot buckle  
7th - Ashley Lessa, IMA Classy Lady buckle  
8th - Joyce Driggers, Reeboc buckle  
9th - Lisa Bradley, Stuck On Stupid buckle  
10th - Katie Ward-Crummey, Quincyskiplikarocket buckle  
11th - Katie Ward-Crummey, Tangys Golden Rocket buckle  
1st - Hannah Deason, Rubi saddle  
2nd - Erin Maurer, Echo tack set  
3rd - Karin Hoffee, Miss Skookum stirrups  
4th - Nicole Harp, Bear Painted pic  
5th - Jenny Madden, Tidy To Impress jacket  
6th - Kimberly McCutcheon, Blue buckle  
7th - Becky Carroll, Bella buckle  
8th - Natalie Harp, Chester buckle  
9th - John Kresha, Radiant Girl buckle  
10th - Tristan DeWitt, Jesse buckle  
11th - Stacey Kresha, Mini Coop buckle  
12th - Shayla Wammack, Tucker buckle  
F/C 12-
1st - Audrey Hecklery, Rusty saddle  
2nd - Joshlynn Odom, Taylor tack set  
3rd - Korilei Missamore, Smokey stirrups  
4th - Kyra Allemand, Amigo Painted pic  
5th - Lillian Crummey, Glorious Angle jacket  
6th - Merritt Silva, Java Express buckle  
F/C 12+
1st - Paula Williams, Brandy saddle  
2nd - Laura Allemand, Tucker tack set  
3rd - Sky Roberts, Marcus stirrups  
4th - Carla Mason, Buckshot Painted pic  
5th - Jeanie Missamore, Rio jacket  
6th - Vicki McDaniel, Raisen Up The Dust buckle  
7th - Tricia Emerson, San Geno buckle  
8th - Lauren Johnston, Xena buckle  
9th - Deanana Hazen, Coco buckle  
10th - Erica Feasel, Wrangler buckle  
11th - Shari Emerson, Rio buckle  
Open Pony
1st - Anna Rose, "Lil" Brat saddle  
2nd - Jeannette Stewart, Turbo tack set  
3rd - Kelly Pearson, Duke stirrups  
4th - Stephanie Miller, Stryker Painted pic  
5th -  Shannon Rahn, Salty's Lil Spark Plug jacket  
Lead Line
Megan Madden, Ms. Reminic Pep buckle  





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